What Is Jamaica Black Stone ??

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Jamaica Black StoneWhat Is Jamaica Black Stone??

This is nothing but a natural herb and it’s very unique and stronger in organic. It’s a product of a tree in Jamaica, a Jamaican native tree. This natural tree is used to enhance erections and delay ejaculations, these naturally made. Jamaica Black stone is capable of delaying ejaculations from 2 to 3 hours even more than you could expect and you will still maintain the hardness of your manhood. Looking at the color of Jamaica Black stone you might think it had a bad odor but let me be sincere Jamaica Black stone has no odor. This means you can have some particles in your pocket and no one will notice or perceive it

All You Need To Know About Jamaica Black Stone

Shortly without wasting your precious time, I will vividly tell you how Jamaica Black stone can help you solve and tackle premature ejaculations. Jamaica Black stone help to enhance erections and delays ejaculations, the stone was derived from the tree sap. These had been a great remedy for the men in Jamaica, especially the ones that have premature ejaculations and weak erections. And they are known for it

Purpose Of Jamaica Black Stone and Uses

  • It helps to give harder erections
  • It also increases your time of intercourse with your partner
  • Tackling premature ejaculations is the number one priority
  • At the same time, it serves as a sensational vendor to the manhood
  • Prolonged foreplay and love making with your partner

How To Use Jamaica Black Stone For a Better Results

  1. Come up with a Jamaican black stone, keep it in your hand with a drop of water on it
  2. Then get the other hand into work, gently start rubbing the Jamaica Black stone against the water on your palms for this severally until the water dissolves a part of the stone. When these are rightly done you get a gray or milky color, within the series of 10 to 20 seconds you’re done with this process
  3. Quickly remove the stone from your hand while still maintaining the milky substance derived from the stone.
  4. Rub it on the cap of your manhood
  5. Whenever you feel the warmness kindly wash it away by then it would have taken 10 to 15 minutes
  6. Please avoid Jamaica Black stone whenever you want to have oral sex with your partner

Where To Get Jamaica Black stone and how to purchase it

To get Jamaica Black stone is very hectic it’s only available on pre-order it’s very much more expensive than that of Samsu Oil. And it’s more effective than Samsu oil but both work the same thing You can get Jamaica Black stone on Amazon or Jumia, whenever you need it.


Jamaica Black Stone is a natural herb and it’s very unique and stronger in organic. It’s a product of a tree in Jamaica, a Jamaican native tree, it helps tackle premature ejaculations. we still have others like Samsu oil, Lion oil, etc. But Jamaica black stone is more effective and more expensive than others mentioned earlier