21 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain

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21 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain Plantain is a household plant and its botanical name is Musa paradisical, it is well known. Despite the popularity and familiarity, at the same time consume. Some don’t still know the purpose or uses of plantain today

Plantain can be found mostly in the African region, and it has many local names for instance Hausas call it Ayaba, Yorubas call it Ogede nla or Ogede agbagba, Igbo there are many names for a plantain: Ogadejioke, Ojioko, abereka, Okirima Unripe Plantain Flour is Used for what??

Plantains are a staple food in the tropical regions of the world, it’s said to be among the tenth most important staple food in the world. It’s very rich in Vitamin C and carotene together with other vitamins The flour of an unripe plantain is very low in calories, with this it’s capable of keeping people safe, especially those suffering from cholesterol-related ailments like diabetes and obesity.

Chemical Effects of unripe plantain Unripe plantain is very unique because it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins, which may be fiber, potassium, iron, magnesium, manganese, and vitamin B complex. Never forget that its Inulin, alkaloids, and noradrenaline are very very rich too. Can Unripe Plantain Use To Cure Ulcer??

Actually, the trunk of unripe plantain is soft and contains a lot of fluid. The fluid is capable of healing wounds in the stomach. These can be done by getting unripe plantain, without pealing it cutting it into smaller sizes then putting it in a container add water to it for 4 to 6 days After the sixth-day filter the water then start drinking it early in the morning before taking your breakfast Mind you this is for people with ulcers only. Health benefits Of Unripe Plantain

The numerous minerals in plantain that are naturally effective and had contributed to the life of people, make it healthy and important to consume

Studies and medical practitioners have long approved it for the treatment of various illnesses in the body system

In this article we have compiled we’ve compiled a 25 Health Benefits of Unripe Plantain

The following are the benefits of unripe plantain

  1. Plantain is very low in calories, that’s to say it helps in weight loss

  2. It Improves the Circulatory and digestive systems.

  3. It improves heart function. Regularly consumption of unripe plantain your heart is very safe

  4. Protecting anemia and neuritis can also be gotten from unripe plantain. It iron component is effective in boosting blood levels.

  5. Contains minerals, vitamin A, B6, and C.

  6. Promotes healthy bowel movement.

  7. Beneficial for diabetics.

  8. Builds and strengthens stronger bones.

  9. Prevents ulcers.

  10. Regular consumption of unripe plantain Enhances sexual performance, reducing sexual weakness, impotence at the same time increases the rate of spermatozoa

  11. The starch of unripe plantain helps to decrease acidity and reduce irritation in the body.

  12. Whenever you combine plantain with ginger, garlic, and onions it helps you tackle high blood pressure, diabetes, low sperm count, erectile dysfunction, kidney problems & ulcer

  13. It is used to prevent or heal ulcers. As I said earlier

  14. It is used in herbal medicine to soothe urinary tract infections, treat sluggish bowels, reduce phlegm, heal wounds, ease dry coughs and fight skin infections.

16.it contains a lot of iron and potassium, vitamin A, vitamin B, magnesium, and phosphorus.

  1. it is the perfect substitute for flours containing gluten.

  2. It helps in digestion and has a lot of fiber in it

  3. It boosts fertility, thereby increasing sperm

  4. The folates in plantain are essential for a healthy pregnancy.

  5. It helps to prevent kidney and bladder problems


Plantain is a household plant and it is very rich in some mineral resources such as vitamins C, fiber, etc, you can acquire this if you eat plantain regularly whether it has been boiled, roasted, fried, or even used to make any kind of food like Amala or Fufu.